AIPAC prohibits press coverage of John Bolton's Landerhaven speech

Today, I heard the following about AIPAC’s prohibition of coverage (in this post, I’d mentioned my eagerness at reading reports of the speech, which, I guess, won’t be forthcoming at all):

The reason you aren’t going to read about John Bolton’s speech to AIPAC at Landerhaven is the speech is off the record.

Apparently, AIPAC has allowed coverage of its speakers in the past, but for the last several years, has forbidden the press from “writing about what we heard.”

I really hate it when that happens.

I take the attitude that if you’re so proud of your stance on an issue, just like if you’re so passionate about a point that you want to make on a blog post, then why aren’t you likewise proud enough to put your name to it, or let the media publish the speech you just gave to people who collectively have given hundreds of thousands of dollars?


Well, no, actually.

Transparently. That’s what it should be, anyway.

I guess that in one of these instances, I don’t want to be considered press, if it would mean that I could blog Bolton’s speech.

Eh – it’s Bolton. He’s not going to say anything we haven’t heard from him before.

One thought on “AIPAC prohibits press coverage of John Bolton's Landerhaven speech

  1. There it is: only creepy institutions who invite creepy speakers would bar coverage. But then they’re both from the Dick Cheney school of democracy, which means that they’re mostly against it.It reminds me of when the equally creepy right wing thug Antonin Scalia (once a lawyer for Jones Day and later a hunting buddy of Cheney’s) came to town and insisted his City Club talk be closed to the press.

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