Cleveland Mag top 20 suburbs

From NewsNet5:

  1. Solon
  2. Moreland Hills
  3. Mayfield Village
  4. Avon Lake
  5. Twinsburg
  6. Pepper Pike
  7. Highland Heights
  8. Orange Village
  9. Brecksville
  10. Independence
  11. Chardon
  12. Chester Township
  13. Aurora
  14. Avon
  15. Kirtland
  16. Beachwood
  17. Concord Township
  18. Rocky River
  19. Westlake
  20. Chagrin Falls

Okay – I’m biased. I could say something about each of the burbs above mine re: why I didn’t and wouldn’t choose to live there. But…it’s just too nice outside to be snarky.

Congrats to Solon (and write me if you want to know the real scoop).

4 thoughts on “Cleveland Mag top 20 suburbs

  1. Wow. I have no idea what would cause anyone to cross the line like Dave did, or what in the world Jill has done to inflame him.But it was wayyyyy uncalled for.

  2. Hey Dave-Get over yourself, OK? And get over these endless grudges you carry around in a bag figurative sack because they only end up weighing YOU down. You do realize that “rich Jewish gals” from Pepper Pike are entitled to opinions too and sometimes they can have interesting and well-informed opinions (and I don’t think that when Jill covers topics like education, she’s out of touch with “everyday people.”) And if you don’t LIKE those opinions, the web is teeming with blogs presenting other viewpoints.

  3. GASP … OMG !!! Jill’s not #1 in “influence” on is simply unacceptable for a “fine upstanding” establishment moderate Democrat like yourself !!! ya think ’bout the #18 “influence” ranking of your Todd Hoffman brown-nosin’ buddies at the BSB-ODP moderate establishment “lie and earn” blog?Always remember that Lieberman ain’t “progressive” and neither are you, regardless of what the Progressive Women’s Blog Club says! Go hob nob with your DINO and Republican friends at your kids soccer games, martial arts classes and with the #6 Pepper Pike Country Club set.Then, after that, pontificate for awhile about how you as a privileged burbs mom believes your “professional” image is the only thing it takes to improve inner-city public education for everyday people who have never been to a Country Club, Golf Course, Soccer game or Martial Arts class.Your lifestyle is out-of-touch with the needs and interests of everyday people and so is your “Write Like She Talks” blog schtick. Now, go get your BSB basher blog buddies to come beat up on the true progressive activist. But, please don’t get kiddie lover Tim Russo. A fine upstanding Pepper Piker like yourself should be more careful about the people who flock together with you….birds of a feather…

  4. BWWWWWWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHANarcissism on parade. What a bunch of boo hoo arrogance!!The ripples in the Pepper Pike water aren’t boosting the image Ms. Jill is trying to project.Come listen to story ’bout a gal named Jill… a rich Jewish gal, who can’t keep her ego fed. Then one day she was readin’ Cleveland Mag, And up from the page came a troublin’ mood.Solon that is, golf courses, country clubs.Well the first thing you know ol Jill shows a shamed aire,DemFolk said “Jill move away from there”Said “Solon really is the place you ought to be.” So they called the moving truck and moved to Solon-y.Burbs, that is. Swimmin’ pools, “professionals.”

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