Mandel, Jones Iran divestment bill out of committee, floor vote possible this week

From Framed:

Below are the texts of two e-mails: the first being one forwarded to me by my boss and apparently written by one Herschel Grim, and the second one being my response. “STRS,” by the way, is the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio.

I’m not comfortable completely copying and pasting those emails, so please visit Framed to get an idea as to what the arguments against the bill (in the first email) and for the bill (in the second email) are. However, here is the news about the bill being out of committee, from the first email (Herschel Grim):

I received notice this morning, from Terri Bierdeman, STRS Ohio’s Director of Governmental Relations, that H.B. 151 has been passed out of committee to the floor of the House. It is expected that the bill will have a floor vote this week.

Wonder what the committee vote was…

2 thoughts on “Mandel, Jones Iran divestment bill out of committee, floor vote possible this week

  1. Thanks, Jill. As is usual with your posts, this was remarkably informative, balanced and timely. I wish our local newspapers would cover this sort of item before the bill is voted on, and would give us access to different points of view and sources of information. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the link, Jill. The first I heard about the divestment bill was from my boss’s e-mail, which she was asked to pass on to her staff by the Powers That Be. Organized lobbying AGAINST the divestment bill has begun in earnest, while a campaign FOR it has not yet appeared on my radar. Maybe I just don’t get out much . . .

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