One thought on “Ohio House to vote on HB151 Iran Divestment bill, Tuesday, 6/5

  1. Hi – I happened to attend the AIPAC event last and I am aware of this bill. I respectfully disagree with this Ohio bill and this strategy. The state senators involved have been frankly grandstanding and have been somewhat disingenuous on this issue. Representative Mandel is a decent person, but I have heard that until Tuesday of this week, he refused to alter his personal investments to be consistent with what he is asking state pension funds to do. Indeed, it does not appear that the exact listing of these companies is being widely distributed. This is a question of national policy and what companies – energy, manufacturing, or otherwise, can legally do in international commerce. We and AIPAC should focus this on a national level and stop encouraging states to get involved in international politics. It is a violation of our basic federalism concepts. Ohio legislators should focus on Ohio issues. We have federal representatives who should be involved on issues of defense of our freedoms and that of our allies, including Israel. We should focus our effort on those in our government who are responsible for international relations – the Executive Branch and the US Senate. Iran is a real, real threat – but we need our federal government to act wisely. This focus should be on our US Senators. Tying the hands of Ohio pension fund trustees on their legal and legitimate investments is also inappropriate from a fiduciary, investment and strategic perspective. Finally, as shareholders, the pension trustees, and others can do more to impact management of these companies and how they act and get involved in Iran and Sudan. Having the shares change hands may send a one-time message, but it will get lost. As shareholders a message can be continued and repeated and restated to the management of these companies. Respectfully, this is a flawed bill with a flawed concept and a flawed focus.

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