Ohio legislators: for the goodness of Ohio-kind, PLEASE listen to Bill Callahan

Bill has a fantastic, 100% original content post about SB117′s hearing in the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee yesterday here. To catch up on this bill that will enrich AT&T but, Ohioans? not so much, read here.

Bill helpfully mentions which reps impressed him (positively). My state rep, Josh Mandel, is the vice-chair of the committee. I assume although haven’t confirmed that he was there; I don’t believe there are written journals or records of committee meetings, are there?

NB: From the Ohio House’s webpage called, Make Your Voice Heard:

State representatives need to know the opinions of constituents to serve his or her district effectively. Contacting your representative personally at the Statehouse or in the district is a meaningful way of communicating your concerns.

Another way that you can contact your representative is through the mail. It is always a good idea to refer to the subject directly or, if possible, provide the number of the bill in question. You need to state what your position is on the subject and also provide a reason for your opposition or support of the bill.

Your letter may be sent to your representative’s home or office. The home address is often listed in the phone book or local newspaper. Your legislator’s address at the State Capitol is:

The Honorable ___________
Ohio House of Representatives
77 South High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6111

An even more effective form of communicating your concerns is by testifying before the committee considering the bill which affects you. Many of Ohio’s newspapers print weekly schedules of legislative committee hearings. If you wish to attend a committee hearing or to testify, information may be obtained by calling the committee chairman’s office, your representative’s office or the appropriate Legislative Information Hotline number. Be sure to prepare written testimony and make enough copies for all committee members. Before the hearing, you must fill out a witness slip indicating your desire to testify. You need not appear in order to testify. Written testimony is welcome, although your presence will add emphasis to your position.

I highly recommend all these actions.

One thought on “Ohio legislators: for the goodness of Ohio-kind, PLEASE listen to Bill Callahan

  1. We have one of those utility commission bills coming up, too. Our stinks. Check this out:http://tinyurl.com/2nb4k6sorry I can’t make it hot. i’m not techy enough for that. * require municipality to hold 2 public forums * require municipality to create a business plan * require municipality to hold a special election (!) * prevent a municipality from subsidizing a service * the municipality must PAY ITSELF PROPERTY TAX as if it were a private company * must open up ALL of its property to private use for communications businesses (poles, right of way, conduits, facilities…) * must keep separate books on this venture * shall conduct an individual annual audit * the municipality must pay equal to or GREATER the amount of liability insurance as a private provider would pay * GRANDFATHER all localities that are defined as a “public utility” BEFORE the date this bill passesTotal Madness.

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