Remains of the Day, 5-31-07

Is another school year really just a few days away from being over?

1. ORC 2305.51 Read the bill analysis here. Think about it. And then remember, it’s the law, since 1999. It’s what Ohioans said, through the election of their state legislators, they wanted. Still true?

2. RNC fires phone solicitors. The Seventh Seal?

3. It’s from the NY Post, so read it with a pound of salt. Still, throwing someone with hernia surgery dressings still on into a jail cell because he possessed Vicodin – for his hernia? I dunno…I can’t make phone calls on everything.

4. Political Wire has results from a survey about…who reads Political Wire. But it’s interesting and there are some neat graphics, but they took a while to load.

5. This one is for Medpundit.

6. Many blogs have linked to this NYT article about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Good. I hope more do. She deserves it.

7. Have I mentioned that people should read Bill Callahan on SB117? You won’t find what he has to tell you anywhere else.

8. Tim Griffin, he of the vote caging reference by Monica Goodling, is resigning, effective tomorrow. H/t Cliff Schecter.

9. William O’Neill is now former Judge William O’Neill. Let the games begin.

Wow. And I hardly read anything today. Must. lift. head. off. keyboard.

One thought on “Remains of the Day, 5-31-07

  1. I fell asleep sitting here. (Not reading you, though – never)It seems like a lot of people are really agitated today (and yesterday) Maybe folks are finally starting to wake up.What do you think? The media is reporting, people are talking, you know – I even caught people being nice to each other. It’s amazing.

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