'Roots News: Life Skills taught by White Hat: how to create a splog

Yup. Check out the charter school spam blogs here. That is one serious life skill every high school student should learn.

Included in the post which, at each splog, is titled, “Cleveland Rally Backs School Choice,” are pictures of House Speaker Jon Husted and a quote from him, and a picture of my state Rep. Josh Mandel, addressing the charter school supporters.

I do not support charters as currently operating (or not operating, as the case may be) in Ohio.

I want the legislative oversight office re-instated.

I want the schools subject to the same standards and regulations as the public schools under the districts with which each charter is affiliated.

I want report cards, and tests and AYP and contracts and everything else to apply to the charters, except to the extent that, in order for the charter to fulfill its niche – which is supposed to be a niche not otherwise filled by the district and said niche supported by parents in the district – it needs waivers from certain public school requirements.

I want them to file detailed financial and narrative reports that provide accountability to the students and the district’s and this state’s taxpayers.

And I do not want a single charter run by a for-profit entity.

The original intent and vision for charter schools has been perverted in many cases. The Ohio DOE should find the ones that are functioning well and seek to use them, actively, as models. Shut down or overhaul all the others, terminate the contracts with the for-profits and get the kids who need alternatives that aren’t otherwise provided the setting and education they need.

What is the big deal?

NB: There is no doubt that Life Skills Center has a right to create as many blogs as it wants, each one dedicated to a different one of its locations. They may even argue with my reference to those blogs as splogs.

But given the fact that the primary link on each of these splogs is to a White Hat-managed entity, why not just post such news items on the school’s website, rather than create a rarely used, rarely linked to blog?

Because they are trying to game Google and Blogger and blog readers, just like they are trying to game Ohio taxpayers and those who want genuine charter opportunities, without the for-profit moniker.

P.S. Anyone want to guess as to how I discovered the existence of these splogs in the first place?

One thought on “'Roots News: Life Skills taught by White Hat: how to create a splog

  1. Jill:I very much agree, with one exception. We shouldn’t restrict charter schools to only filling a niche not handled by the public schools. Kids need to be able to escape failing public schools without having to move — a requirement that eliminates the choice for many.We just can’t continue to let kids with aptitude and desire be trapped in bad schools because their families can’t afford to live in the suburbs. It is neither just nor fruitful to trap these kids while we struggle with the bigger picture.Our schools today are more racially segregated than ever, but it doesn’t violate the law because we have substituted economic segregation for racial segregation to the same result.The method we’ve been applying to fix the failing urban schools has been to keep those economic walls in place, but to throw more and more money over. It isn’t working. The proposed funding amendment continues that, just in a bigger way.I think that giving kids and parents the freedom to direct their funding allocation to the school of their choosing is a powerful solution to the problem. Effective schools attract more funding and failing schools are starved out.A ‘more government’ approach I might support would be to tell suburban school districts that their state funding is based on the percentage of affordable housing available in their community – more affordable housing, more state support.Either of these options expose the real truth — suburbs have become wealthy white enclaves and the suburbanites don’t want that to change.

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