Note on one Governor appointment announced today

The announcement is here.

The one that caught my attention:

The 9-1-1 Council is charged with establishing uniform technical and operational standards by examining industry standards as well as federal law relative to 9-1-1 systems. The council conducts research and makes recommendations to the General Assembly regarding wireline and wireless 9-1-1 systems and any necessary improvements that must be made, as well as advising on any legislation concerning 9-1-1 systems across the state of Ohio.

Kathy Hobbs, of Dublin, has been named to the 9-1-1 Council. Hobbs is currently the vice president of government affairs for Windstream Communications, specializing in public utility legislation and regulation. Hobbs received her bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and her master’s degree in public administration from the Ohio State University. Hobbs currently serves as a board member for the Ohio Telecom Association and is the chair of the legislative committee.

I’ve written before about the crisis in wireless 911 service provision. If anyone knows anything about Ms. Hobbs, feel free to comment. The Ohio legislature could let the existing law that covers funding the existence of, let alone expansion and update of wireless 911.

3 thoughts on “Note on one Governor appointment announced today

  1. quite and very possible that the phone only does not solve the issue. frankly, I don’t know, but this phone is the first to have such ability (of course, my last upgrade was about 2 years ago).

  2. Hey Jason – I was just over at your place giggling at the OH-18 crossout. I’ve been trying to get better and not writing anything substantive at night for that very reason. :)Yeah – the GPS ability is supposed to be really key in a cellphone but I believe – but I might be wrong – that the issue also has to do with the call centers (police depts or whomever gets the 911) being able to triangulate where you are? I forget exactly – but I recall that having the GPS in the cell is a really necessary part of the equation though not the whole equation I think.

  3. jill, I got a new cell phone recently for work [motorola through alltel].It has a function on it that acts as a sort-of gps device to help safety forces locate me in case I call 911. The owners manual very clearly took pains to state the service isn’t full-proof, but it’s got to be a step in the right direction.

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