'Roots News: Left of Ohio covers Zach Space

Step right up! That’s right! Get your original reporting right cheer!

From David Potts of Left of Ohio:

In attendance and waiting

In attendance and observing

Reflecting on event

Now, David, I think you can do a nice editorial wrap-up and compare the experience to how you have been unable to participate in the same way or even observe Charlie Wilson. But I bet you thought of that already. 😉

PS I couldn’t find any MSM reports on the event yet. That shouldn’t be considered definitive re: whether someone else has written it up. But with David’s take, you don’t necessarily need to keep looking – unless you want to.

Great work, David.

One thought on “'Roots News: Left of Ohio covers Zach Space

  1. I didn’t see any reporters there but they might have shown up at the Thursday event. I heard Space mention that Wilson, Brown, and Voinovich had sent representatives Thursday but not Friday. Perhaps the same goes for the media. It’s a shame though because I was barely able to scratch the surface of what was discussed, I could probably write several more posts on just what I personally learned.While I was happy to hear that Wilson was represented at one of the events I still wish he’d have shown up personally to one of them. After all the lack of broadband Internet access is just as big a problem in the 6th district. I’ll probably be making a phone call Monday about his website and to find out what he actually did over the recess.

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