Scooter Libby to be sentenced Tuesday, June 5

What’s the line on whether he’ll be pardoned? Lots more opinions here and of course here.

Read the Editor & Publisher story.

3 thoughts on “Scooter Libby to be sentenced Tuesday, June 5

  1. Shalom Jill,It depends upon the sentence, how Libby has to serve it and if he thinks President Bush will be in office on 20 January 2009 to issue a safe presidential pardon.Libby is no plumber. He can’t do hard time. If he has to do more than play tennis like most of the Watergate felons, he’ll crack and the whole thing could come crashing down.My bet is on a soft, if not suspended, sentence. Libby fades into the background and the Bush White House goes back to business as usual.

  2. Free Scooter.Armitage leaked. And the hyper agressive prosecutor knew it.This why, in general, why I don’t like prosecutors, and I’m a conservative Republican…

  3. If he gets a pardon, many of us are going to be really really ****** off.Bush has a habit of throwing people under the bus anyway. Why should this indictment be different from all others? 😉

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