Thank you, Europe, India and stateside blogs

Outside the USA:

Sunil Shibad of Advertising and Marketing Made Easy

Max Kossatz of Wissen belastet

Liz Martinez of etc…El blog de Marketing en Espanol

Andrea Popa of Marketingdescodificado-Blog de Marketing sobre Tendencias, Estrategias, Publicidad

Amit Varma at The India Uncut Blog

There was also a very cool one in French but I only saw it through Sitemeter and can’t find it now.

Inside the USA or uncertain origin:

Tomayto Tomahto
Alpha Mom
AdGabber and AdRants
Feminist Nation
People working to end violence against women

The consensus so far is that the fake Bennetton ad originated with or has the most connections to India. I’m told that this kind of thing is done for the admaker’s fun and creativity and for contests, sometimes, and then sometimes it’s what they call a “spec ad.” I don’t know the industry at all, but anything is possible.

Still wonder what pros in the domestic violence field think.

One thought on “Thank you, Europe, India and stateside blogs

  1. So, it’s definitively a fake one… Hmmm, I wonder why Benetton didn’t release yet any official explanation on their website… Regards

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