Ode to Paul Miller and keeping the Carnival of Ohio Politics alive

Lisa Renee, Scott Piepho and Ben Keeler have all done a great job writing about Paul A. Miller, our Ohio Newshound.

I think that all three, certainly Lisa Renee, knew/know Paul better than I do. But in the times we’ve communicated and commented back and forth, I developed a respect for him – very quickly. Paul is someone who, although I’ve never met in person, I can just tell is very true to himself and to what he says. You read heart and passion and incisiveness and conflict and humanity in his words, his posts and his comments. There is an honesty that blazes from his thoughts on the screen.

And you just feel, I can trust this guy.

But now this guy is expressing some sorrowful thoughts that I believe many of us have felt too, as we go in and out of the blogs. It’s a rough place, many times, at least as often as it’s a place of comfort – which, for sure, it is also, for many of us.

Paul has decided to re-focus his energies and talents into a different venture, away from the blogs. We’ve tried multiple times in a few different ways to get him to be the grand poobah, the kingpin, the emeritus. But he’s resisting all bribes. For now. 😉

With great, great grace, Paul has asked Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle, Scott of Pho’s Akron Pages, Ben of The Keeler Report and me to assume the responsibilities of and continue the Carnival of Ohio Politics. I hope you’ll give us a chance and continue to raise the level of discourse around the sphere and the state as we all work to make Ohio a better place.

I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus, with erratic posting starting tomorrow through the end of next week, but hope to offer up some unique travel posts. My Carnival week will be 6/25, and hopefully by then, the others will have it running so smoothly I won’t have a care in the world (right???), but Scott is taking the first turn for this very week! Look for more at the Carnival’s dedicated website, Carnival of Ohio Politics.

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