Part II: Live blogging the Ohio House, 6/5/07, House Floor on HB 151

Starting with the prayer, almost noon.

Warren school – robotics champion – getting honored

Multitasking here: wrote an email to someone working on oped, sent out a reminder notice to Pepper Pike Democratic Club members, sent out emails to a few PPDC folks as well with other info, read an alert re: Libby gets 30 mos and fined $250K. Nice.

Also doing some laundry.

Recognizing some guests of Ted Celeste’s.
Yesterday’s Journal approved



Wow can this guy read or what


first consideration bla bla bla


motions and resolutions

something about excusing people

another thing about the same for the minority party

third consideration for

HB 151 is described.

Shall it be passed is the question before the House.

Rep. Flowers (Majority Floor Leader and a co-sponsor of 151) moves to pass and it passes.

Hmm. Here’s the flowchart for the progress of a bill to a law in Ohio.

So, no debate? No voice vote? Is that right? Did I miss something in the 10-30 seconds they mentioned this bill?

Boy, I need that orientation session the freshmen go through.

One thought on “Part II: Live blogging the Ohio House, 6/5/07, House Floor on HB 151

  1. No debate? Silence the dissenters? What are they afraid of? No voice vote? Are they ashamed of their vote? Do they fear accountability? The sponsors, co-sponsors, and those who voted “yes” on HB 151 are hypocrites. They don’t want to have STRS, SERS, PERS, the highway patrol system, or the fire and police system “support terrorism” – YET they’d allow the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, mutual funds, Alternative RETIREMENT Plans, etc. to “support terrorism.” What’s up with that?!?! If it’s bad for some, then it’s bad for all, period. This is really about destroying public pensions. Notice that HB 152 establishes K-12 Alternative RETIREMENT Plans, such as those they have for higher education – and which ARE allowed to have the stocks on the boycotted list. First they’ll make STRS tank, then they’ll say to newer teachers (5 years or less): “You’ll want to sign up for the Alternative Retirement Plan here because STRS is ruined.” They are chipping away at public retirements, bit by bit. This bill was more about someone’s agenda than it was about fighting terrorism. Otherwise, it would’ve included the other state funds mentioned earlier in this post. So much for democracy.

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