HB 151: Mandel's conundrum for pursuing emotional, national issue on state level

This piece from the Plain Dealer and this one and this one from the Akron Beacon Journal flesh out what went on before the 30 seconds it took the Ohio House to “pass” HB 151 (Iran divestment) yesterday. I guess when Rep. Flowers said he wanted to “pass” it, he meant, pass it on? Or pass on voting on it? As an onlooker via the Ohio Channel video stream, I didn’t have a clue as to what that meant until these articles came out.

I guess there will be more to this matter tomorrow, after 48 hours expire on a supposed deal that the House Speaker discussed with Ohio’s pension people, though one of the articles also mentions State Rep. Josh Mandel wanting a vote next Tuesday. This report says that Speaker Jon Husted will “kill” the bill if four of the funds agree to the deal (originally, the bill targeted five funds).

I have to spend a bit more time than I have right now, though, before I have it figured out, best as I can doing it third hand, and then some.

One notable quote from the ABJ regarding my state Rep’s feelings about House Speaker Husted’s brokering a deal with the pension funds:

While Husted believes an agreement has been reached, one of the bill’s sponsors and a pension plan representative aren’t so sure.

Mandel said he wants to see the letter first.

“I would have to think about it and talk about it with my constituents and my colleagues,” Mandel said.

Funny how he says he would talk with his constituents about it. I’m one of his constituents. I’ve been writing him about my feelings on the bill regularly. We’ve had off the record conversations about the Middle East as well. But he’s not ever come to me specifically or sent any kind of general constituent shout out for input, that I’m aware of.

So, here I am, reachable by email and checking voice messages. I’m willing to listen – I’ve already said I’m more interested in something voluntary. I’ve also emailed Josh examples from SocialFunds.org that demonstrate how to do what he says he wants the pensions to do instead of what they are doing vis a vis Iran – not an emotional appeal based on invoking whether people are moral or not based on an up or down opinion.

Please, do talk with Ohioans in the 17th district. Don’t just use that phrase as a stall. And, while you’re doing that, consider bringing in constituents -people who live in the 17th in particular – to talk about the bill because they no doubt would be a helluvah lot more persuasive, in the Ohio legislature and the Ohio public court of opinion, than any grandstanding national figures from a globally-focused conservative think thank.

Not meaning to be snakry, just honest and real. This is Ohio, not the U.N. and not the U.S. Congress.

3 thoughts on “HB 151: Mandel's conundrum for pursuing emotional, national issue on state level

  1. In my opinion, not only is Rep. Josh Mandel irresponsible, but Rep. Shannon Jones, the other sponsor of HB 151, is equally irresponsible. And she’s old enough to know better! I live in Rep. Jones’ county. No wonder I saw “Republicans for Ruppert” signs all over her district during the 2006 election season! (Ruppert was the Democratic candidate, by the way.) This so-called compromise is a way for the House to save face.

  2. Anon, Iran is one of the worlds largest producers of oil. If this dumb bill passes, China, Russia and India move intothe drivers seat and we loose yet more mid east influence – while Iran gets to trade with people who know a lot more about foreign policy than the boy Mandel ever will.This is political posturing at it’s worst by Mandel and highly irresponsible.

  3. Without $$$$ the middle east crumbles. I hope they pass this bill. I also live in his district (Glenwillow). Thanks for reporting on this.

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