"Craven politicians" fear HB 151? Who knew

From Family Security Matters:

It is the height of depravity to attack personally an Iraqi war veteran for wanting to do all he can do to stop the financing of terrorism. FSM Contributing Editor Chris Holton alerts us to craven politicians on both sides of the aisle who are trying to stop him from doing just that. Read this and your blood will boil!

Go read.

3 thoughts on “"Craven politicians" fear HB 151? Who knew

  1. That article has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. It’s also clear that the entire website is not in the last bit credibile as I saw on the sidebar an article referencing Senator Harry Reid sponsoring a bill that would give terrorists amnesty.Gimme a break.

  2. Who has PERSONALLY attacked Rep. Josh Mandel??? I haven’t heard any PERSONAL attacks, in any of the articles or blogs I have read – and I’ve read everything I can find!!! In fact, I know I have read a sentence here or there, in which he is even COMMENDED for his service!!! Leave it to the idealogues who want to CONTROL the rest of us, and our money, to fabricate accusations, to make their case…..Sheesh!!!!!

  3. The article says the bill got out of committee with no amendments, but actually a ban on investments in companies doing business in Sudan was added to the bill.

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