Pensions accept Husted's deal on HB 151

But no word from Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted yet on the letter the pensions sent him.

And an aside: so, the divestment drive is officially called Netanyahu’s Iran Divestment Campaign? Gee, how local to Ohio can a state rep’s time be spent? The post is on a website called Information Regarding Israel’s Security.


2 thoughts on “Pensions accept Husted's deal on HB 151

  1. They caved. Good thing I saved on my own. Now, after the pension funds go down, can we sue Rep. Shannon Jones and Rep. Mandel, for impersonating a financial advisor? Or for practicing brokering without a license? One ignorant wingnut and one young zealot, those two. At least Mandel divested of his own boycotteed stock. I do have more respect for him than I do for Jones. If the pension plans tank, then the legislature owes all of the pension systems a bail-out, for causing the problem.

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