SB117 status round-up, can Mandel handle Vice Chair of Public Utilities committee while pursuing foreign policy?

I’ve been following SB117 because my state rep, Josh Mandel, a freshman Ohio legislator, is the Vice-Chair of the committee responsible for it in the House.

Here are a couple of links I found this morning:

Akron against 117
Telecom paying politicians

Given that he’s been rather busy salvaging the uber political bill he sponsored, HB 151, it’s no wonder that, according to Bill Callahan in an update to this post, the vote on 117 scheduled for Weds. was moved.

As I read about all the amendments being prepared for 117, I couldn’t help but feel that, as a constituent of Mandel’s, it’s precisely this kind pushing off on an incredibly important bill – 117 – related to Ohio’s infrastructure and directly impacting the life and pocketbook of every Ohioan, that makes me and other constituents roll our eyes at the quantity of time and effort Mandel has put into HB 151, which now appears to be nearly dead.

All for what?

Let’s hope that either he is replaced as Vice Chair of the Public Utilities Committee or he extricates himself from 151 ASAP if he’s going to deal competently with SB117.

Btw, anyone who can detail the duties and responsibilities, to the legislature and the voters, of a committee Vice Chair, please do.

4 thoughts on “SB117 status round-up, can Mandel handle Vice Chair of Public Utilities committee while pursuing foreign policy?

  1. If Mandel can’t handle all those extra-curricular activities at once and still keep up his grades, then he needs closer supervision. Perhaps in school suspension or detention? Or perhaps writing 1,000 times, “I will not dabble in foreign policy as I try to mess up Ohio’s infrastructure.” Possibly they should make a call to his mama and bring her in to have a conference.

  2. jill,Your infatuation or obssession with Josh is unhealthy. Any comment on the corrupt Dems running Cuyahoga County yet?How about them dems running the NEORSD being investigated by the FBI and Ohio Ethics Commission?I am really shocked you had no remark on this. Your sewer bills will be increasing 50% over the next 5 years by an agency that is wrought with huge cost overruns, questionable spending practices and an attorney who just retired in shame. Don’t you think it is time most of the democrat mayors in Cuyahoga County to move on?Unless your silence on these matters means you condone waste, incompetence, cronyism, and corruption, do you?

  3. You know, its too bad there isn’t a politically saavy person with a keen eye for public policy in that district that could challenge the lunacy of Josh Mandel.Oh wait….

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