Will Husted kill the bill (re: Iran & Sudan divestment)?

This article says that the deal with the pensions re: HB 151 was an offer by Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted to kill that bill if the pensions agreed to divest voluntarily of investments with Iran and Sudan connections. The pensions delivered a letter today just before the deadline to do so and said that, yes, they will divest.

But will Husted now kill the bill?

This Columbus Dispatch story throws that action into question:

One of the sponsors of the current bill, Rep. Josh Mandel, R-Lyndhurst, has signaled that he still wants a vote — regardless of any compromise measure. An aide to Mandel said yesterday that the representative needs to read the pension systems’ letter before deciding whether to push for a vote on his bill Tuesday.

Someone is not going to be able to honor something: Either Husted and his promise to the pensions, or Mandel and his promise to…I’m not sure whom but my guess would be AIPAC for one.

WCPN’s Sound of Ideas discussed the bill Thursday morning, about half way through.

2 thoughts on “Will Husted kill the bill (re: Iran & Sudan divestment)?

  1. Politics as usual. Trouble is, they’re playing politics with retirees and people who will become retirees. Retirees and others are already hurting in the pocketbook, why not add insult to injury by reneging on a deal, by the person who offered the deal? Husted must think he’s playing a board game. If Husted reneges, then that’s proof he’s a slimeball, it’s as simple as that. As for Mandel, he’s just a rookie legislator who should HONOR the COMMITMENT and OFFER that the Speaker – his party leader – offered the pension systems. Just who does Mandel think he is, anyway??? KEEP YOUR WORD, HUSTED!!!!!HONOR YOUR LEADER, MANDEL!!!!!

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