HB 151 "informally passed" on 6/7, on calendar for 6/13

The Wilmington News Journal reports:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Legislative floor actions in the House of Representatives and Senate from Thursday, June 7.



HB 151 RETIREMENT SYSTEM INVESTMENTS (Mandel, Jones) – To specify procedures for divesting investments a public investor holds in directly held publicly traded companies conducting specified types of business in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of the Sudan and to prohibit public investors from investing in such a company and to authorize the Ohio public deferred compensation board, the alternative retirement program, and the Ohio college savings program to offer a terror-free investment option. On calendar, Wednesday, June 13.[my emphasis]

So, there will be a vote, or something on Wednesday 6/13, not Tuesday, 6/12?

This not knowing and/or understanding thing is so frustrating. How much of government is really supposed to happen where voters can’t see or know? Anyone know of any resources that examine how well or poorly governments function, as its operations relate to openness versus behind the scenes deals and politicking?

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