Give me back my Bible: Blue Grass Roots visits The Creation Museum

From Brewed Fresh Daily to The Audient Files to Blue Grass Roots. Worth the time to read the entire post.

I’m guessing that they didn’t consult a single Jew.

Not one single penny of Ohio public school education money better end up in that museum’s coffer.

4 thoughts on “Give me back my Bible: Blue Grass Roots visits The Creation Museum

  1. Thanks for the kind words. And I hope you know I come here because I respect what you have to say as well.My point is simply this: thoughtful criticism is useful, ridicule is not.I also find it interesting that most of the ridicule comes from folks who are products of a Judeo-Christian tradition. You don’t hear Hindus or Taoists laughing at this museum.One of the most dangerous things in the world is the ridicule of another. Kids are scarred every day in school settings where this happens. It’s not a public school problem either. I recently had a conversation with a wealthy Columbus businessman who said his kid was bullied and ridiculed constantly in one of Columbus’ most highly regarded private schools — just because he was one of the rare African-Americans there. When pushed too far, you get Columbine and Virginia Tech.Things like the Creation Museum might not exist if there wasn’t so much energy spent by those who want to suppress Christianity. The more Christians feel threatened, the more aggressive some will become in defense of their faith. Some things can be debated to indisputable resolution. Religion isn’t one of them. When this is the case, tolerance and respect need to be applied generously or conflict is inevitable.

  2. Paul, I hope you know how highly I regard your reading and commenting. But I’ll say it again – I have great regard for your thoughts and efforts.I agree with you about not ridiculing and criticizing, however, I find your comment a little oblique. I mean, the folks who built the Creation Museum are presenting a very specific viewpoint that itself ridicules and criticizes science and then uses tidbits from other religions (like Judaism and the Old Testament) as they found them to fit into their museum.Frankly, the idea that religion can even be put in a museum is kind of odd – don’t you think? The history of a religion, perhaps. But to teach the religion itself, or faith – you can’t put that in a museum. The artifacts etc. – they enrich.But religion, faith, is far too personal to enshrine in a building, IMO. We can learn and see, but you can’t inculcate via bricks and mortar. Not the essence anyway.So maybe you could be clearer here – what exactly disturbs you? That people, myself included, find the Creation Museum remarkable or is it something I’m missing (which it may very well be)?Looking forward as always to understanding your point of view.

  3. Oh how I wish all of us could refrain from the ridicule of another’s religion. And I’m not sure how exactly Christianity came to be the bullseye towards which so much ridicule is aimed these days. The only thing I’m sure of is that none of us have it 100% correct. I prefer to think of each faith as a section of an art gallery. Each tries to describe the ultimate truth through the eyes of their own culture. Some pictures are central to a tradition and are never changed, but other pictures come and go as new thoughts emerge.One cannot say Christianity is more valid than Hinduism, for example, any more than you can say the Dutch Masters did a better job of capturing the soul than Picasso. Or the folks who painted on the walls of a canyon in Utah a millenia ago. All have a place, and we are all better for the diversity of thought and perception.Sadly, many prefer to criticize and ridicule rather than simply observe, ponder and be tolerant.

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