Strickland finds backbone, and Ohioans' opinion, kills gambling

From Forbes:

A proposal to allow a new type of electronic betting at horse racetracks died Tuesday after Gov. Ted Strickland promised to veto it and take other steps to halt what he sees as expanded gambling in the state.

Strickland threatened the veto during a news conference with Attorney General Marc Dann where the two Democrats called for a ban on cash prizes from new gaming machines springing up around the state.

Upon hearing the governor’s promise to veto instant-racing terminals at horse tracks, Republican House Speaker Jon Husted said the proposal won’t pass the House.

“The issue is dead,” spokeswoman Karen Tabor said.

The article says that Sen. Steve Stivers want to find a way to revive the payouts but Tabor says, nuh-uh:

Husted, of Kettering, supports Strickland’s proposal to ban all cash payouts from gaming machines and to cap non-cash prizes at $600 a year for individuals at places such as Chuck E. Cheese or carnival midways.

“(The speaker) never thought they were legal and continues to be for a complete ban,” Tabor said.

Well and good, but anyone besides me wondering when and in what form the shoe is going to drop?

One thought on “Strickland finds backbone, and Ohioans' opinion, kills gambling

  1. For what it’s worth, one of the folks who have been lobbying for slots at racetracks is Charles Ruma, a megadeveloper here in Columbus and I imagine a significant contributor to Sen Stiver’s campaign coffers. Mr Ruma owns one of the two big horsetracks in central Ohio, Beulah Park.I’m so tired of this crap…

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