Retired and rehired: Orange City Schools' superintendent

A follow-up to my previous post re: my school district may allow the superintendent to double-dip.

From The Plain Dealer:


Orange rehires superintendent

Orange school district Superintendent Daniel Lukich retired Thursday and was rehired Friday. The school board gave Lukich a three-year contract with a 3.3 percent raise effective July 1. That bumps his salary to $147,325 – a $4,700 raise. Lukich has been superintendent for the past 10 years. Lukich will collect both his pension and salary for his current job, which state law allows. Officials said Orange will save about $20,000 a year because, as a retiree, Lukich is not eligible for health benefits.

The Orange school board accomplished this possibility in a special session.

Here’s another take. Additionally, Lukich was a candidate for the Dublin schools superintendent position. Here’s what Dublin will pay its new super, former Chagrin Falls Superintendent David Axner. The $170,000 base salary is $23,000 above what Lukich is getting, and the rest, when added in, sounds like a lot more than what Lukich will get, but I don’t know any additional details about Lukich’s package. Note how that article indicates that Solon schools, ranked the #2 school system this year in the Cleveland mag suburbs ranking issue, pays as high or higher.

Glad to keep Lukich in Orange through 6/2010.

2 thoughts on “Retired and rehired: Orange City Schools' superintendent

  1. Shalom Jill,What precisely, is wrong with double dipping?Where is it written that someone drawing a pension is morally, ethically or legally prevented from also earning a salary?Please consider that this one of the primary reason career members of the armed services stay for a full thirty years.If they enlist at 18, they get to retire at 48 and then find lucrative employment in the private sector while drawing a government check worth 75 percent of their previous military salary.And also consider that if a public employee retires, someone must fill that job at an agreed upon salary.Ought the very qualified — people who have done the job for years but who have decided it’s time to collect their pension — be excluded from the potential employee pool?Shabbat shalom,Jeff

  2. Just a thought – doesn’t his retirement plan provide benefits?Not that it makes a lot of difference in the big picture, just curious.

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