Voices in Conflict: play that CT high school banned now hit in NYC

I wrote about the original incidents regarding the student-generated play, Voices in Conflict, here.

Yesterday, the New York Times published this story about the high school students’ triumph in bringing their play about Iraq to the stage, and the public.

Despite stiff competition from the weekend’s parades, awards shows and the “Sopranos” finale, “Voices in Conflict” played to nearly full houses both nights. In the audience were friends, family, Wilton alumni and a few theater professionals. (Bob Stillman, a friend of one performer’s family, who came to the Vineyard show between his own performances in “Grey Gardens,” said he found the acting impressive, an opinion [actor Stanley] Tucci echoed.)

The students have done the show twice in Fairfield, though few of their schoolmates attended, they said. But at one show, a Reserve sergeant who had served in Iraq told them they had gotten the experience “200 percent right,” Ms. Dickinson said. And at a discussion after the Vineyard show, a man in the audience stood up.

“I’m a Vietnam vet,” he said. “When I got back after that war, I majored in theater. I don’t know what other people wore the uniform for this country for, but I wore it so you could do exactly what you’re doing.”

Nothing that isn’t trite left to say. Congrats to the students and the teachers. Keep an eye out for this: “As part of a PBS series with the documentarian Morgan Spurlock, the actor and director Stanley Tucci has been filming and interviewing [the students].”

Here’s an article from when the play first got its Off-Broadway gigs (who remembers why the name Martin Garbus sounds familiar?). And here’s a review of the performance done in CT.

One thought on “Voices in Conflict: play that CT high school banned now hit in NYC

  1. This is a wonderful outcome to an all too typical tale of a high school theatre program getting into trouble for taking on an important issue.

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