Remains of the Day, 6-16-07 (and vacation pictures)

In case I’m too busy making a good Father’s Day for the dad in our house, Happy Father’s Day.

These remains cover several days and I’ve still got a few thousand RSS feed items to read. I can dream (that I’ll read them all).

1. Who needs a supernanny when Applebee’s will serve your kid a Margarita?

2. The ReDistricting Game – all I want to know is, is it fun?

3. Columbus Dispatch says, fire Education Dept. head, Margaret Spellings.

4. Two from Cliff Schecter:

-Wanna be legal? Tell the U.S. that you’ll serve in the military. No shame, the people who put that in there have absolutely ZERO shame.

$33 million for 200 mental health professionals to attend to military needs? Agreed – they need more mental health folks helping the military folks. But $33 million?

5. Wendy underlines the importance of reporting what you do and do NOT know.

6. Women Tech News links to this MSNBC article that shows us why the belief that men can safeguard or know women just as well as women know women is a bogus, bogus belief.

7. This makes me very nervous, partly because it doesn’t seem like equal treatment to so many other communities in need, not because the need isn’t there.

8. I thought this was pretty cool, but at least one person I know thinks it’s very ho-hum.

9. Marian Wright Edelman was in the house. Sigh. I still want to work for the Children’s Defense Fund.

10. Paul Krugman on politicians, journalists and whether authenticity is just a word we say over and over until it has no meaning.

And, last but not least, where I was for the last 10 days:

Here’s a hint, since the most famous buildings aren’t in the picture above:


1. Figure out what kind of trees are behind us.

2. Pair that with the picture above this one.

3. Think of something that rhymes with “I want my Carducks.”

Answer: Carduck’s HQ, where my old college roomie is the program director for the Carducks Foundation.

Pleasant dreams.

One thought on “Remains of the Day, 6-16-07 (and vacation pictures)

  1. Shalom Jill,Immigrants have been promised citizenship in exchange for military service since the beginning.During The War of Northern Aggression it got so bad that Irish immigrants walked off one boat, signed their enlistment papers and got right back on another boat headed south.The way to end this outrage is to do what Israel does: institute a universal draft.B’shalom,Jeff

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