Bye-bye Wendys?

I don’t do fast food much but Wendy’s has always been my favorite. My kids prefer Berber King (that’s what they call it, still), but I’m totally bummed out about this news from MarketWatch.

8 thoughts on “Bye-bye Wendys?

  1. I am sorry for my mistake and any confusion it may have caused anyone.No one’s memory is perfect–no harm, no foul. In light of P&G’s wide range of products (here), it’s easy to become confused by all the transactions in which P&G must have engaged.

  2. To the previous poster, thank you for clearing up my error on Smuckers from my earlier post, and thank you for the link to the company website. When I wrote my earlier post, I was 100% certain that I had correctly remembered how I ended up with my Smuckers shares, but obviously I was mistaken. I’m sure I understood the deal at the time; I even remember the term “spin off” now that I have thought about it. In addition, I even remember Jif and Crisco being involved. I am sorry for my mistake and any confusion it may have caused anyone. I truly thought I had remembered correctly. As I said earlier, I’m not a stockbroker; I’m just someone who has an account at a discount stock brokerage. I’ve regretted a couple of stock purchases, but overall I’ve done alright. We’re not talking about big money, though; I’m not a high roller. Actually, although Jif and Crisco are no longer owned by P&G, those two products are still popular products. The transaction didn’t mean the end for them. I still stand behind the point of my earlier post: that companies (or company products…) are bought and sold all the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is in imminent danger of closing or failing.

  3. I thought – that Smuckers has always been privately heldSmucker’s was founded in 1897 and was privately held until 1957, when it went public. (Info here.) You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that Pillsbury baking mixes, Hungry Jack pancake and potato products, Robin Hood flour, Pet Evaporated Milk, and Knudsen juices (among other products) are all produced by J.M. Smucker. (No, I don’t work for the company; I’m just slightly familiar with Smucker as a local company.)

  4. David – I hear ya. I actually was a Hardees fan when I lived on the East Coast, but I worked at McDonald’s during high school.

  5. Last Anon – I totally care because that’s what I thought – that Smuckers has always been privately held. Thanks for the info.So…Anon #1 – where’s your info from?

  6. when PG bought Smuckers […]I don’t know if anyone cares, but P&G never bought Smuckers. P&G spun off the Crisco and Jif brands to Smuckers, and P&G shareholders got shares of Smuckers in return (information here). Smuckers was and is an independent company.

  7. Speaking only as an amateur on trading and the stock market, I don’t believe it’s anything to get excited over, at least at this point. They just seem to be looking at their options, for the benefit of Wendy’s shareholders. Companies are bought and sold all the time. P&G once bought Smuckers, and we still had the same preserves, jellies, and jams on the shelves at the supermarket. I owned and still own PG stock; when PG bought Smuckers, I just ended up with a few shares of Smuckers’ stock, too. Bob Evans bought Mimi’s a couple of years ago, and then they opened up some Mimi’s restaurants in Ohio. Mimi’s hasn’t suffered, from what I can see. Besides, I do not see where Wendy’s day-to-day business is suffering. Every Wendy’s restaurant around here that I see or visit is busy, they have seasonal specialty menu items, they haven’t seemed to downsize their restaurant staff, they’re still open late, they still advertise and have promotions, and the quality has not suffered. (I still like Burger King better, though.) It’s not like Burger Chef, before Hardee’s bought it many years ago. And it’s not like Hardee’s, either, which has lost a presence in southwest Ohio. The article in Market Watch was, in my opinion, neutral, neither good nor bad. I’m not a stockbroker or anything, but I have tried to notice the stock market and business on my own. If you really want to understand what the article is about, I’d consult with a professional and not listen to a novice like me, though! *wink* All this is only my unprofessional opinion. I’d be interested in knowing what others think, too.

  8. I will never go back to round hamburgers! I’ve had serious doubts about the people running the company since they closed the original Wendy’s last year.

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