Remains of the Day, 6-18-07

1. For a discussion that highlights the inadequacy of our legal system to ever adequately reflect how we feel about crime and the people alleged to have committed them, or people who come close to committing something that may or may not be, by definition, a crime, read this post and comments (last count was over 50) at Glass City Jungle. There’s a reason Lisa Renee’s work gets noticed and is often tops of whatever list people concoct to measure blogs.

2. Sign this petition in support of public financing of Senate races (via S. 936 which Obama co-sponsored, and a proposal introduced by Senators Durbin and Specter, S.1285). The Fair Elections Now Act is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Rules committee on Wednesday, according to Just$6.

Stop whining about pay to play, how little your incumbents get done because they’re always campaigning and the influence money has on nearly everything when it’s all voters who should get to weild influence equally. Check it out and tell someone how you feel.

3. Thank you to the donors and congrats to my neighbor for receiving the chair.

4. Book review sections of newspapers have been cut to the quick, but Wendy tells us that the NYT has what appears to be a promising blog that will be a venue for reviews and more.

5. Why we need to protect sources and remember Watergate on its 35th anniversary.

6. This blog passed 100K visitors last week. But it’s taken 23 months. I don’t know how that stacks up, but it’s still kind of neat for something I started because I needed to get my butt in a chair and write. Which reminds me, I have a column due Wednesday.

7. Last but not least and in fact in need of a much much longer post – Hamas, Fatah and Israel. Oy does not begin to describe the tears that dropped from my eyes not once, not twice but three times today listening to the experts twist in the wind with everyone else on this. My oldest child asked me what I thought. I couldn’t even speak. The only thing I could say is that I am not someone who can tolerate the suffering being caused throughout that region for the sake of what? I better stop myself here – it’s too late at night – I won’t write straight.

So many innocent people – so many people period. Sigh. Just a big effing heavy sigh. And to think, this time next year? We expect to be there.

Talk about making me sit down and write about something. If this topic isn’t worthy, I don’t know what it is. It’s just so damn hard.

Dream a little dream.

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