Country music: 20 mins of what men do

So, just for comparison’s sake, from about 6:10am until roughly 6:30am, these were the songs on the Country Music channel (CMT) today:

-first, they were all by male groups (and yesterday’s, at that time, were two women – I wasn’t on that channel the whole time yesterday, so I can’t say for sure if it was all women one day’s time and all men the next day – just a guess, but very possibly coincidence – is there a playlist somewhere? I’m so television-challenged);

1) Okay – the first song I surfed into was by Bucky someone – I think it was the guy who was in the Shania Twain video a couple of years ago, when she did two versions of the same song, something called Party for Two maybe? Oh – it’s Billy Currington – I looked it up. Okay – it wasn’t Billy (or Mark McGrath, from Sugar Ray). It was Bucky Covington and the song was A Different World, but it didn’t have Lisa Bonet in it. The song and video were about how life used to be, it’s not like that anymore, no more drinking from garden hoses. Melodic, slow, green. Fine. Nothing about knocking up anyone, aborting anyone, leaving anyone etc.

2) The next song was by Flatrock someone or other (but I’m having a really hard time tracking it down – I don’t keep a pen and paper on my treadmill) and this one, well – here’s the male’s side: I am so full of regret, I should have told you so many things, and while the music and lyrics play, we cut back and forth between the guy singing (kind of like a Chris Penn looking guy but when Penn was young) to a young woman throwing up in the bathroom, clutching her stomach and then visiting a grave and crying at the very end.

Looks pretty obvious to me: he gets her pregnant, he didn’t stick by her, she chose to have an abortion, now everyone is miserable.

And, as some comments have indicated, there doesn’t ever seem to be an emphasis on the why did we do it but rather than regret of not keeping the child.

3) Dierk Bentley. What a name. Sounds like a adult movie star name, you know, if I knew what those might sound like. He just sang about Down the Road I Go – he said that about 100 times I think, but I didn’t count, and it’s about being “free and easy.” No cares, a few women hanging and clapping and so on.

4) Okay – I can’t remember the name of the band or guy lead singer, but this one was the one with the most story line that I saw. A guy is in a lazyboy chair in front of a frat house with a beer while he sleeps. Something about how he had to drink a lot when he saw his ex-girlfriend and got smashed and doesn’t remember anything and, oh well, that’s life and by the end of the video, he is up with the lead singer looking rather drunk and clapping and honking around.

So – two songs by women yesterday about pre-marital sex and keeping babies. Four songs by men today about a) how life used to be and isn’t anymore b) how he should have told the woman he loved her and then maybe she wouldn’t have had an abortion and c) do whatever you want and have a good time.

I can’t make any judgements. I’ll have to watch more I guess. 😉

3 thoughts on “Country music: 20 mins of what men do

  1. Wendell – I do apologize – it’s more a late-night typo than deliberate misspelling – promise. I dated a guy named Leslie. You can imagine.

  2. JMZ -It’s Dierks Bentley…If you’re going to make fun of someone’s name, do it correctly.- Wendell (President of the “I got teased a lot as a kid for my name club”)

  3. Jill this made me smile. Especially down the road I go lol. I don’t listen to country much, but one day I was flicking the remote and came across a group called the Cherry Bombs. Upon closer look, I recognized Vince Gill and the a few others looked familiar. The lyrics had me howling. The title is ‘It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night That Chew Your A#$% Off All Day Long. You would have liked that one! :0)

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