Wake up Ohio: voting rights of "idiots" & "insane persons" in spotlight

When I first wrote about my state senator, Bob Spada, seeking to remove and replace all references to insane people, lunatics and idiots in Ohio law, I also mentioned that the Ohio constitution would still allow idiots and insane persons to vote. The laws now call such individuals “incompetent persons.”

When the house and senate passed the bill, I was dissatisfied with the news stories because they didn’t provide the definition of “incompetent persons,” so I went to the bill to publish that definition.

Finally, a few weeks after those news stories came out, the Plain Dealer published a shout-out with definitions of the new words, and I posted about that here because I took issue and take issue with the fact that no where do we see a definition or outline of who will determine incompetency (the comments in that thread reflect common sense based on the current law).

This morning, the New York Times gives front page space to an article called, “States Face Decisions on Who is Mentally Fit to Vote.”

Don’t bother looking – there’s no mention of Ohio. The states mentioned include Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont and Missouri. The AARP weighs in (don’t discriminate) and the article says that the American Bar Association will be releasing a report this summer on the topic.

Hint hint hint to MSM or anyone else with time and moxie: what is Ohio doing on this front, now? What do Ohioans want? Does anyone know what Ohioans want, on this issue?

I’ve been saying ready, set for five months now. So go.

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