Jerusalem Post: WRONG on Ohio in announcement of Bibi coming today to see Cheney re: Iran

Jerusalem Post gets this article dead wrong re: Ohio and its legislation to divest its pensions from companies with ties to Iran. I hold our own MSM responsible because, as I’ve pointed out on this post’s references to the MSM not covering Gov. Strickland’s meeting with CAIR, the MSM has ignored the tabling of HB 151 as well.

And the JPost article is the result.

Is that the result that Ohio wants? Is that the result that our governor wants? Or is this misinformation carefully fed by the failure of our own state’s newspapers and other news sources to cover the defeat of HB 151??

Netanyahu may be coming, but Ohio has NOT passed HB 151 OR legislation requiring or even making it a law or resolution that the pensions must divest from holdings with ties to Iran. The bill is tabled and the pensions have an agreement in writing with the Ohio House. That’s it – to my knowledge.

Anyone who has more info should be, you know – PUBLISHING IT.

4 thoughts on “Jerusalem Post: WRONG on Ohio in announcement of Bibi coming today to see Cheney re: Iran

  1. I also think that MSM is just not great on follow-up. I know as a reader I’m always complaining about that – I’m fine with learning about something, but tell me a week, a month, a year later – what happened??

  2. No, I suppose an ex like Bill Sloat might have more to say on this, but I think there’s a mindset that says if something that seemed like it would happen doesn’t happen, it’s not news unless it’s REALLY surprising that it didn’t happen.The best examples I can think of are when a challenger (usually Dem, IMO) has a shot at upsetting an incumbent (usually GOP, IMO), there’s lots of national coverage leading up to the election. But if the upset doesn’t happen, you won’t find national post-election coverage even with a search warrant (or search engine, as the case may be).

  3. So work with me here, Tom – do you think that this is planned, as in, silence means…something, or just the consequences of lousy editorial decision-making? The planned thing seems hard to buy because all the papers ignored HB 151 being dead. I am NOT a conspiracy person so it’s always hard for me to imagine. And we KNOW the MSM is notorious for being so limited in space in print. But you are totally right re: they can put it on the Internet. Where’s James Nash or Aaron Marshall’s story on The Daily Briefing or Openers?It’s just not right – whether it’s CAIR or HB 151 or anything else. Frankly, it’s quite outrageous. I think I might have to write my favorite reader’s rep, who, if he’s reading this, should know I really mean that.

  4. Talk about Exhibit A.The papers’ blogs should be serving as a safety valve for news they think isn’t significant enough to get into print (though the tabling of 151 should have been considered important enough to get into print editions).Even when the papers’ blogs publish news, many of them haven’t made sure that Google News and other aggregators pick it up by registering their blogs (which is why I missed the Enquirer blog entry on Strickland-CAIR yesterday).JPost’s people must have thought based on previous coverage that passage was an inevitability and made an error they shouldn’t have made. But it’s semi-understandable in the circumstances, because it goes back to a total lack of follow-through by Ohio’s MSM.

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