Remains of the Day, 6-20-07

1. Is the importance of family dinner a myth?

2. If you suffer from travel anxiety, or are married or travel with someone who does, read this.

3. A feminist dvar torah (especially for those who might remember back to when I had to write one). Thanks Mom in Israel. I look forward to sharing it around here.

4. Some things, all superwomen have in common, regardless of religion.

5. How many conversations are going on around the globe that sound like this one – the post AND the comment, a conversation, remember what that is?

Sleep so hard that you don’t you remember your dreams.

4 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 6-20-07

  1. Shabbat Shalom Jill,No. I don’t think I’ve every heard the story of steak night.I don’t think I ever ate a steak until I was around 15 or so. We were more of a beef patty family.B’shalom,Jeff

  2. I agree, Jeff. This is one of those things that you just know from experience – no studies necessary. Although, have I ever told you about Steak Night?

  3. Shalom Jill,Writing as someone who benefited from the family dinner, I don’t think it’s a myth (it’s the raison de’etre for my blog).Shabbat shalom,Jeff

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