Netanyahu: no MSM, only Hannity & Colmes transcript on how to stop Iran

I’m incredulous. Why isn’t the MSM reporting former Israeli Prime Minister and Likud stalwart, Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit? Is it really not news?


So what did he say on his Weds. night (6/20) visit to Hannity and Colmes?

What would you expect him to say (which perhaps is why his being here isn’t news?)?

From the transcript on Real Clear Politics:

HANNITY: …What should the world do about Iran now, before they get nuclear weapons?

NETANYAHU: We have to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.


NETANYAHU: Well, first of all, we have to say that that is our goal and we have to be clear that it’s not something we’re going to live with. You don’t let a messianic apocalyptic sect that views us as the small Satan that has to be removed in order to pave the way for attacks on the great Satan, and that’s you.

HANNITY: That’s U.S., yes.

NETANYAHU: You just do not let them have it. If they have nuclear weapons, they will run over the Middle East, take over the oil, and use the proliferation of nuclear arms there.


NETANYAHU: So that has to be stopped. Now the question is, how. There are two ways to stop it. One is the military option, and the other is the economic sanctions option. I think that the preference, obviously, is to first try the economic sanctions, but make it clear to everybody, including the Europeans, that, if that fails, the military option will be entertained. That will get the Europeans to actually join in the economic sanctions.

HANNITY: How many more times does Ahmadinejad get to say publicly the Holocaust didn’t exist and we want to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth, where even the economic sanctions you’re talking about are no longer a viable option, that it must be military, that somebody can only threaten you so many times before you believe them?

NETANYAHU: Well, I think the economic options are still viable, because the Iranian economy is very weak. And I think Ahmadinejad could actually be brought down by powerful economic sanctions.

HANNITY: Economic sanctions.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Mr. Prime Minister…

NETANYAHU: But they have to be joined. And I’m here in New York because I talked today to the controller of the New York State pension funds, Mr. DiNapoli. And I asked him to do what was done before that in Missouri, and most recently in Florida, and very soon in California, that is get a divestment of U.S. pension funds, make sure that that money does not go to European firms that do business with Iran.

Thank you, Bibi for spreading incorrect information.

(But at least he didn’t mention Ohio, unlike the eggregious error in the Jerusalem Post, whose reporters and editors believe that Ohio’s governor has signed into law a requirement that state pensions divest from companies with ties to Iran. NOT.)

What exactly happened in Missouri? He’s most likely referring to the state treasurer’s crusade, detailed in this Wall Street Journal article. And yet, as with the Jerusalem Post, Bibi is completely wrong. From the Journal article:

As pension funds face pressure from politicians to divest themselves from Iran and other countries deemed terrorism sponsors, she [MO state treasurer Sarah Steelman] has staked out a zero-tolerance approach to investments like these. That’s given the 49-year-old Republican a prominent voice in the wave of new legislation — from Ohio to California — targeting the $1 trillion pension-fund industry.

Ms. Steelman’s own state legislature has declined to go along with her campaign. But a dozen other states — including Florida, California and Texas — have passed laws that could compel pension funds to divest themselves of holdings in companies that do business in countries like these. While U.S. companies are banned from doing business in those countries, many foreign companies are active there.

And in California, legislation to force pensions to divest only passed one house, not both and it’s no where near the governor’s mansion.

Ok – so, again, what did Bibi say that Hannity and Colmes were too ill-informed to catch?

I asked him [the controller of the NY state pension funds] to do what was done before that in Missouri, and most recently in Florida, and very soon in California, that is get a divestment of U.S. pension funds, make sure that that money does not go to European firms that do business with Iran.

To get a divestment of U.S. pension funds. Make sure that that money does not go to European firms that do business with Iran.

Bibi, baby – we haven’t gotten that. Florida is it, as far as any state being even close to enacting such a broad action. I guess he doesn’t read the WSJ.

Another sigh.

It is all blue smoke and mirrors. And the media perpetuates the haze.

The MSM wants to understand why blogs persist and procreate? The failure to explore the enormous distance between Americans hearts that would love to disassociate from Iran, versus the reality of how doing so economically would impact every citizen’s life is one reason among millions like it – all the millions of issues readers, and voters, care about.

I’ve reached out to some folks who write regularly on Israel and Middle East politics to get their opinion on Netanyahu’s visit and the MSM silence/avoidance, whatever you want to call it, regarding the visit. I’ll post what I can when I get replies.

2 thoughts on “Netanyahu: no MSM, only Hannity & Colmes transcript on how to stop Iran

  1. Thanks, Cheryl. I am just so puzzled about this. I can’t imagine that AIPAC or anyone else is that powerful that could force suppression of info, but they don’t seem to be successful in getting positive articles about the topic in the news either. I just don’t get it, to be honest.

  2. Jill, Thank you for clarifying the confusion surrounding Sarah Steelman’s Missouri terror free screening. Apparently this only applies to the Missouri Investment Trust, which is a $5 million portfolio. Your explanation clued me in on why I never could find that Iran-Sudan Missouri divestment bill. Now, how to get the MSM to put such information out? The MSM refuses to provide any indepth reporting or clarify any misrepresentation or factual error regarding divestment. Thanks, Cheryl

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