Remains of the Day, 6-22-07

1. Is Blue Girl in a Red State an Ohio blog? I couldn’t quite figure out, but I do like the way it looks and how she writes. H/t to Dave.

2. This raising the county sales tax without a vote for a convention center cum medical mart is incredibly disturbing. But I have to say, I feel like I’ve been or said that I’m against a convention center for so long, I need to be reminded of the pros and cons of building one. Does anyone know of any good article on that topic?

3. Okay, so, if there are so many things that drive newspaper readers crazy, don’t you think you would, you know – work to neutralize or eliminate those things? How about a list of what readers love? And, just for fun, check and see how many of the problems are solved by having a fully functional online version of the paper?

4. Does this law have an immunity clause? Here’s more about it. For another day, I have a story about how I was flying between LA and NYC, less than a year after I returned from a year in Israel, and I reported a briefcase being left by itself in the seat next to me, by a man of Middle Eastern appearance who didn’t return to his seat for some lengthy period of time. Sigh. I spent the entire ride in the plane’s bathroom. Anyway, such efforts make me nervous.

5. The cost of teacher turnover. Includes a link to this calculator to figure out what it costs your district, but the link is broken (yes, yes – I emailed folks to tell them).

6. With all the hubbub about Lee Fisher and Frankie Coleman, is anyone asking him about how this plan fits into getting Ohio well-positioned, or at least better positioned, for the 21st Century? I only read the article quickly but I didn’t see any quotes from him or his department as to why they feel it necessary to cut the Emergent Services program that focused on high-tech incubators. What’s up with the Third Frontier $$ that this program must be cut? I know Battelle has some association or affiliation or for some reason comes into my mind as a conservative or right-leaning group – but I really don’t know anything specific. Is this all political? What’s being lost – gained?

Shabbat shalom.

2 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 6-22-07

  1. Jill, based on some posts she’s written about Columbus, I am pretty sure she’s an Ohioan. Of course after 06 I’m not sure I agree we’re a red state.

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