2 y.o., youngest of five, IQ: 152

What I said here. We just know when we’re working with something unique, birth order and 3 point differences not withstanding.

Read the story here, h/t The Cleveland Leader.

Best of luck to the family and the the kids. She looks adorable.

4 thoughts on “2 y.o., youngest of five, IQ: 152

  1. Absolutely – that’s what most professionals worth their salt will tell you. There is simply no reason to do such testing so young, not just because of unreliability but again because: what are you going to DO with the results?We knew, teachers knew, docs knew – we all knew about my son before he was ever tested – which wasn’t until he was almost 10. Why did we wait so long and why did we finally do it? Because the discrepancy between what was being offered even in a differentiated classroom plus pullout sessions and what he was/is capable of became so glaring to experienced teachers. They, not us, thought we should do it to get a hold on what exactly we were dealing with.Honestly – I can’t say that knowing his IQ has helped all that much, but if anything, his knowing that he’s not even an average genius (he does not know his IQ) has been of some comfort as he goes through the difficult middle school years.

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