Remains of the Day, 6-23-07

Not much left because I didn’t look at much today. Busy kiddy day.

1. Nothing new on the no news on Netanyahu. I still don’t get it.

2. The NYT Magazine has a few mild interesting items but nothing remarkable (to me anyway).

3. Lovely citizen reporting by Lisa Renee on the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway. Wouldn’t it be nice if ODOT and Cleveland could find something that could result in a similarly inspiring piece of work?

I took time to catch up on some comments but still am behind. And I struggled against parental conflict in the face of having made a promise to one of my kids that I honored but I didn’t feel great about it because while my child met the conditions that I’d set, the overall outcome didn’t reflect desired results and part of me really didn’t want to follow through. But I kept to my promise and we’ll see how my child does with it as an incentive now.

Supposed to be another nice day tomorrow – get rest for it.

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