PD editorial on sales tax increase fails the voters

I just want to know: why doesn’t this Plain Dealer editorial say anything about how the plan to build the convention center and populate it with traffic from visitors to a medical mart currently includes the Cuyahoga County Commissioners desire to raise the county sales tax without asking the residents whether they support the increase and the plan for the increase?

Isn’t that information the most relevant?

Advising the business interests that they need to persuade residents that their plan is a good plan only pertains to making the case that we should support the tax, and the plan. But if the business interests support the commissioners’ plan to circumvent voters, why on Earth would I want to listen to anything they have to say, to persuade me after the fact?

The editorial’s logic is backwards.

And it’s also why a similarly nonsensical PD editorial caused me to cancel my print subscription. They fail the average reader because they don’t take us into account – the editorial that said, gambling has a lot of risks and bad consequences, but we need to take a gamble, and now this editorial that is silent, completely silent, on the issue of the commissioners avoiding the voters when it comes to the tax increase.

At least the PD published these letters from residents outraged at the idea of a tax increase without voter approval.

I say, let the persuading begin and go on through election day, when the voters should make the decision and cast it for or against the tax cum convention center & medical mart. Anything else is undemocratic. The Cleveland Leader feels the same way.

3 thoughts on “PD editorial on sales tax increase fails the voters

  1. Personally, I want the commissioners to have to justify the need for a convention center at all. I want them to tell the voters exactly where this massive influx of new conferences could possibly come from, and exactly what jobs will be created and where this economic benefit is going to come from. So far, it sounds to me like figures plucked out of thin air, just like the tens of thousands of new “good” permanent jobs (not temporary construction jobs, not parking lot attendants and beer vendors) that Jacobs Field and the Q were going to produce. It’s insulting to try to pull this kind of scam on the citizens of this county again, especially on behalf of a project that is very likely to be a terrible burden to the county, much like the baseball stadium in Eastlake.

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