Knights of the Ohio Governor's round table must wrap-up budget by Sunday

Kind of neat article by Bill Hershey this morning re: how Ohio Governor Ted Strickland approaches working with the Ohio House and Senate leaders, Jon Husted and Bill Harris, respectively.

Policy-wise, Hershey writes the following:

A key to Republican cooperation was Strickland’s willingness to not tinker with the overhaul of the tax code enacted in 2005 — including a personal income tax reduction and a new low-rate, broad-based business tax, said Husted and Harris.

The three leaders also have found common ground in making increased support for higher education, neglected in recent years, a shared priority.

But how far will this spirit go? Yes, I’m asking, Will the Republicans drop that special education voucher proposal put in by the House, pulled out by the Senate and then re-inserted by the Senate?

Here’s the PD’s write-up of how the budget bill’s doing as of this weekend (the House is sending it to a conference committee because the House rejected the version from the Senate):

Budget bill (HB 119):

Lawmakers split along party lines in deciding whether to send the state’s next operating budget to a conference panel to hash out differences between versions passed by the House and the Senate. Prevailing were majority-party House Republicans, whose “no” votes on the bill as revised by the Senate sent it to the conference committee, primarily so they could figure out how to pay for a last-minute budget shortfall. Other differences include details of a $100 million higher-education scholarship plan, agency spending levels and special- education vouchers. House Democrats voted “yes” for the bill because they were satisfied with changes made in the Senate and they were worried about reopening negotiations.

House members voting yes: Matthew Barrett, D-Amherst; Barbara Boyd, D-Cleveland; Jennifer Brady, D-Westlake; Armond Budish, D-Beachwood; Kathleen Chandler, D-Kent; Michael DeBose, D-Cleveland; Timothy DeGeeter, D-Parma; Stephen Dyer, D-Green; Lorraine Fende, D-Willowick; Mike Foley, D-Cleveland; Joseph Koziura, D- Lorain; Matt Lundy, D-Elyria; Eugene Miller, D- Cleveland; Bob Otterman, D-Akron; Michael Skindell, D-Lakewood; Vernon Sykes, D-Akron; Brian Williams, D-Akron; Sandra Williams, D-Cleveland; Kenny Yuko, D-Richmond Heights.

House members voting no: William Batchelder, R-Medina; Matthew Dolan, R-Russell Township; Bob Gibbs, R-Holmes County; Josh Mandel, R- Lyndhurst; Thomas Patton, R-Strongsville; Carol- Ann Schindel, R-Leroy Township; John Widowfield, R-Cuyahoga Falls.

Not voting: None

Emphasis mine (in last graph re: how my state rep voted). You can see how all the legislators voted, not just the area ones, here. The vote was 53 nays (to not approve but instead have it go to the conference) and 46 yeas (to approve as is and send it to the governor).

I’m assuming there’s politicking in them there Dem votes too since I’m certain they didn’t want to include the vouchers if they didn’t have to but, knowing that the Republicans would be sending it to the conference anyway, the Dems might as well look as though it was just fine to keep them in there, since something’s gonna have to give.

That’s how it works, yea?

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