Vouchers help attain few gains; where are Ohio MSM reports on topic?

Here’s one (not from Ohio, about vouchers in DC) and here’s another (also not reported in Ohio but released today, on Florida’s special ed voucher program).

And, in Ohio? Where some legislators continue to cling to the creation of special ed vouchers – which currently do not exist and the existence of which is causing the state budget bill to be out of balance, what reporting do we have of these studies, which aren’t the only ones out there, btw?

I haven’t turned up evidence of a single Ohio-published news item on the studies. Just this Plain Dealer story from today that indicates that the special ed voucher proposal remains in the budget bill that the Ohio legislature needs to finalize (and this report from just an hour ago says vouchers continue to be on the table). [And the legislators are staying up late, you know, working. Why on Earth noting that they’re working late is news is beyond me, but isn’t that sad? That legislators working late is considered news? Shouldn’t be.]

If you have an opinion on the special ed voucher topic and haven’t contacted your representative or senator about it yet, please do so ASAP.

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