Ann Coulter: evidence that evolution is just a theory

Because if it was as certain as death and taxes, Coulter wouldn’t continue to be doing this stupid stuff. As a woman, a person who gives opinion in public forums, a mother and a member of the human race, I’m embarrassed to be in the same genome as her. Her behavior also strikes a blow at Intelligent Design while supporting the theory of Creationism, at least in terms of her creating herself as something nearly unrecognizable in terms what I hope for in people. (Paul – sorry – but this video of her just made me so upset. I promise – I’m writing only in hyperbole, but still…)

Watch at your own risk. And Chris Matthews and MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves. She is not news and nothing she had to say was news.

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: evidence that evolution is just a theory

  1. What an awesome answer, and I do mean awesome in the God-like way. Thanks Paul. I really appreciate this comment. I think you are right-on.

  2. I think Ann Coulter and Paris Hilton are about the same kind of personality, except Paris doesn’t even try to look smart. For what it’s worth, I refuse to sign on to Creationism, Evolution or Intelligent Design as they’ve come to be defined. I’ve been a science oriented person all my life, and it is clear to me that species change over time due to natural selection and cataclysmic events. But Evolutionists can’t tell us what or who lit the Big Bang. Until that question is answered, we could all use a little faith to fill in the blanks. Or at least to keep the question on the table.BTW, the Evolutionist part of me wishes Ms Coulter would keep her hooters under cover because it’s distracting — and I can’t help it because it’s programmed into my genes. Don’t make me think about serious things under those conditions — it’s an unfair advantage.The Creationist part of me says she’s a temptress driven by the Devil to use her body to seduce all men into believing her drivel. Wasn’t stoning the ancient punishment for this?Either way, she’s offensive in both words and appearance.This too shall pass…

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