How do you spell "vouchers"?

I guess the governor’s office isn’t quite sure that it wants to try spelling that word, yet.

But why is the media being so recalcitrant in asking directly and getting a direct answer? The article in that Cincy Enquirer link calls special ed vouchers “one of the biggest questions” in the budget.

Hello? If you asked the question, and at least reported that you can’t get an answer, then maybe it wouldn’t loom so large, nu?

I hate when they play pussyfoot with each other on such passionate and personal and politicized issues.

2 thoughts on “How do you spell "vouchers"?

  1. Well, perhaps there will be opportunity in the near future to ask the governor about vouchers. Here’s a message distributed at Cleveland State today:A MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT MICHAEL SCHWARTZGov. Ted Strickland will visit Cleveland State University tomorrow (Thursday, June 28) to thank Ohioans for supporting the new state budget, which includes an increase in state aid for higher education as well as a tuition freeze.The governor will be at Panel Hall, on the third floor of Fenn Tower, from approximately 3:15 until 4:00 p.m. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are welcome to attend.The University will be the governor’s only Cleveland stop. He also will visit Columbus, Toledo and Youngstown.

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