OPENERS: Strickland says he "will almost certainly" veto special ed vouchers

This isn’t from me and I couldn’t find any corroboration. Would’ve been nice if Aaron Marshall had indicated where exactly Governor Ted Strickland was when he said this, though “Anonymous” (how descriptive, I know) left a comment in a previous post to tell me that the governor will be in town speaking tomorrow afternoon (I’ll be sitting in camp pick-up line, Anon, sorry).

Anyway – here’s what Openers says:

The state’s spending blueprint next heads to Gov. Strickland. Strickland can exercise his line-item veto powers, which he said Wednesday that he will almost certainly do on a special education voucher pilot program for 8,000 students.

Given my frustration at so many other news item omitting information about this proposal, I thank Marshall for including this info. Whether it’s true, whether Strickland will veto, remains to be seen. Here’s more on that from The Newark Advocate:

Strickland, a Democrat, has line-item veto power over the budget. He said he expects to veto some items but had not made final decisions as of Wednesday.

Trite but true: we shall see.

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