Remains of the Day, 6-27-07

Wow. When the Mac shutsdown because I ignore that power warning thing, it really shutsdown.

1. Listen to CPN tomorrow.

2. Did anyone notice? The Cuyahoga County Commissioners website is brand-spanking new! And I mean new, as in, new since I wrote about how inadequate it is.

The trade-off? It’s got Medical Mart all. over. it. My tax dollars. UGH. Good news though – Zach Reed and others are seeking to force a vote on the tax increase to pay for the convention center.

3. Liz Claiborne died.

Off to la-la.

6 thoughts on “Remains of the Day, 6-27-07

  1. Adam – I do appreciate your answering my questions. I hope others find it helpful. I just feel like citizens shouldn’t have it too hard in finding places to get answers, you know?

  2. I’ll see if I can find some relevant information on the ombudsman’s office and get back to you on that. What is online looks like it hasn’t been updated in a dog’s age. You might try giving them a call though: 216.696.2710If you use the contact” page provided on the county site your comment will be directed to a specific source depending on which subject you select. In the case of the commissioners, it goes to their assistants, I believe, but that might be a good way to attempt access. Like all bureaucracy though, you’ll have to work your way up the food chain unless you know who to call or have a Batphone.

  3. Hi Adam! Thanks for the comment.Yeah, you know – I have this self-imposed ban on myself that I keep ignoring re: not writing posts after 5pm because of the increased likelihood of making errors. Sorry about that.Here’s my question:I know that there used to be and may still be an Ombuds, it was a guy named…something I can’t remember but he was at Bellefaire just before me, in 1992, and I think his name was Steven something with a W. Now, what I had wanted to find was a some info on a process through which citizens can ask more critical question or, as I mention in a different post, how to challenge what we don’t like.Something that wouldn’t be about confrontation but a way to say, don’t like what the county is doing? Why not…and then give us ways, CONCRETE and current ways to participate. That’s what I was looking for re: the sales tax thing and the commissioners.So – in all sincerity, what would you suggest as a way to start the process, as a citizen, to learn more, provide more input etc? I don’t mean, wait for when public hearings are announced and so on. I mean, going right to the source – the commissioners or the county dept in charge, and knowing who to contact, what to ask and what to look at as far as rules and so on.Does that make sense?

  4. Hi Jill,The new county website has been around since February. You commented on it back then… ;)The Medical Mart banner was a special request from a Commissioners’ office from the middle of this past week. Typically there are 5 rotating banners promoting various events that are upcoming across the county, such as the baseball exhibit at the GLSC, Sparx in the City, and whatever’s currently going on at the CMA.We’re always looking for ways to improve its usability, so if you have any suggestions, send us an email through the contact form on that County site.

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