WKSU reports that budget bill is ready to be signed

Listen here.

Special education vouchers?

Doesn’t even mention the item.

This Akron Beacon Journal article doesn’t say specifically as to what happened to that proposal either. That’s an enormous oversight, too.

The possibilities?

It’s still in there and Governor Ted Strickland will:

leave it in


line-item veto it.

It’s not in there and the bill will be approved that way.

The fact that no one is saying what’s happened to this proposal, which has been mentioned in nearly every article and report leading up to this process of reconciling the House and Senate desires is very, very disconcerting, not to mention devoid of all transparency.

2 thoughts on “WKSU reports that budget bill is ready to be signed

  1. Are you saying you think Ed Choice is a line-item veto target? I couldn’t recall if the language is language that was simply removed, so that there is no way to actually veto it and eliminate it?What really really really should BOIL Ohioans is the refusal to make accountability or oversight provisions. We have GOT to shout that out loud and clear. They are setting the system up for abuse – I can’t believe that Mary Taylor would be okay with that – it’s certainly not consistent with what her office is indicating as problems with charters.$160 million in these new special ed vouchers is irresponsible, but especially so if there are no provisions for oversight and assessment.

  2. Willard in this morning’s ABJ:Another move by (Dale) Miller to rein in the EdChoice statewide voucher program, killed by Strickland and restored by Republican lawmakers, also failed on a party-line vote.It was clear, however, that Strickland had compromised to move the budget forward.The governor agreed to allow charter schools to receive funding on a per pupil basis to provide their own transportation for students.Okay, so Willard appears to believe the pen will strike EdChoice down. That last bit about transportation is interesting too.

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