Iran, Sudan, Rolls Royce and Ohio

This morning on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas, Crain’s Jay Miller reported the rumor he has heard that the $2 billion investment into Ohio that’s been hinted at by Governor Ted Strickland will be the construction and operation of a jet engine production facility, possibly in Southwest Ohio.

CAVEAT: Jay said that this is the rumor, that he doesn’t have confirmation of it but had a source for the information but did not reveal the source. Jay did fine.

Why I’m bothering:

Because Bill Batchelder indicated earlier this month that the Iran divestment bill, HB151, being pushed by State Reps. Josh Mandel and Shannon Jones, was giving him the willies when he thought about companies like Rolls Royce, which has been looking at a variety of Ohio sites for months now, related to building a new facility.

You want me to connect the dots, or do you want to do that yourselves?

HB151 got killed and now we may be on the brink of a $2 billion deal with…Rolls Royce.

Now, Mandel said that Rolls Royce would be excluded from being “dirty” under the bill because, he said, RR said that it was getting out of Sudan.

Nevertheless, we have HB151 dropped and RR about to possibly come in. And Batchelder being an instigator of getting the bill sidetracked in part because of companies Ohio hopes to get to move here.

Oh – did I just connect some dots?

We’ll have to wait though to see if any of this ends up being right.

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