New band forming? Zach Reed and The Republicans

So implies this report from Tom Beres of Channel 3:

After more than a week of public grumbling, a campaign to force a vote on a Cuyahoga County sales tax increase is taking shape. So far the unlikely allies are the Cuyahoga County Republican Party and Democratic Cleveland Councilman Zachary Reed.

Cuyahoga County Commissioners Tim Hagan and Jimmy Dimora have set the wheels in motion to raise the sales tax a quarter percent to 7 3/4 percent.

It’s already the state’s highest.

Reed and Republicans echo each other saying people deserve a right to vote on a universal tax and a project of this significance.

Republican Executive Director Steven Backiel says, “The Republican Party believes this is an issue that should be brought up at the ballot box , not an administrative meeting between commisssioners. We intend to work in a bi-partisan fashion to make sure the residens have their rightful say on this issue.”

Reed said, “This is clearly taxation without representation. They represent us. They should come get feedback from citizens. Nine out of ten times, citizens get it right.”

Keep your eyes out for more stories in more places about the Cuyahoga County Commissioners and the idea of a convention center and medical mart coming to town. It’s going to get more, not less, interesting.

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