Public hearings on med mart/sales tax plan: July 19 and 26

First, let me clarify this: the new website is for Cuyahoga County, not the county commissioners. Officially or unofficially, I’m not sure what that means. But the commissioners’ site is still here.

However, what I saw – the Med Mart banner? It’s there – but on the County’s new site (which is in fact newish), not the commissioner’s site. Thank you Chas Rich for linking to me so I realize what I wrote.

Apologies to anyone whom I confused or dissed with this mistake.

Now, also thanks to Chas for mentioning the dates for what he says are “public hearings”:

July 19 and July 26

on the proposed sales tax hike to fund a convention center and that med mart that has that lovely banner on the county page.

Now, all I seem to get were links to pdfs when I wanted to look at the commissioners’ meeting schedule. I’m guessing Chas went the step to open it. Again, thanks. I’m in need of not typing and posting so quickly because I’m making too many errors – nothing enormous I suppose, but not acceptable to me.

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