Remains of the Day, 6-28-07

Tomorrow is Friday, right?

1. If you missed the regional roundtable on WCPN this morning (WLST, Joe Frolik of the PD and Jay Miller of Crains), you can listen to the archived version here.

2. Honey? It ain’t the Starbursts. I have first-hand experience in this situation.

WARNING: the following testimonial may be TMI for some people.

When I was a freshman in college and going steady, much to my shock and horror and pain, my jaw locked in place while locking lips with my sweetie. I was 18. From that time to this day, I continue to have occasions when my jaw locks in place (though never again while locking lips). It’s incredibly painful and somewhat embarrassing when it happens in public: I have to place my index fingers inside the back of mouth, with my thumbs on the joints just under my ears and literally, manually, unlock my jaw.

When I was about 24, after two years of numerous treatments that did little to alleviate the discomfort and incidences of my jaw locking, I had braces, for a second time, to treat the TMJ. I still wear a bite plate at night to keep the general fit of my jaws and minimize the condition. I have an episode maybe once or twice a year now.

Some people think TMJ is caused by stress or is fabricated. I’m here to tell you that I don’t really care how anyone discovers that they are susceptible to it, but it doesn’t have a thing to do with chewing Starbursts. When Victoria McArthur’s jaw locked, no doubt, she was in shock. And she wants to say that the Starbursts caused her injury.

But if I were the Mars Corporation, I would fight it. If only because I never sued my ex-boyfriend for “injuring” me the same way (though he did injure me emotionally, boo-hoo; we’re talking about the same guy who bootlegged The Police at My Father’s Place). But also because, although it’s a pain, pun intended, to discover that you have TMJ, if it wasn’t the Starbursts, it could have been anything else. Her jaw’s misalignment most likely has existed her entire life.

And someone should definitely find out more about McArthur’s yawning, kissing and pizza-eating habits, for starters. Hmm – it’s enough to make me want to re-activate my law license.

3. Wendy Hoke and I have trashed PINK magazine before, primarily when it first started. But I signed up for the free e-newsletters and today, it contained enough substance that I will now cautiously say, it might be worth a look more regularly.

One example is the article, States Where Women Grow Their Businesses – Ohio ranks very well overall. Interesting, yes?

The e-newsletter itself has an interview with Baltimore’s first female mayor, Sheila Dixon, but it doesn’t appear to be online yet (it will be in the July issue of the magazine).

And finally, there’s this online exclusive about women in politics.

I’m still not 100% committed, but I’m thinking its evolved.

4. July’s Inside Business features a piece by Dan Hanson that actually utilizes something I’ve written about before – the Electric Slide dance creators eccentricity. Listen here and you’ll know what I mean.

5. If people can wear pink, green, yellow and blue gingham seersucker pants in public, you wear whatever your little heart desires. Honestly – how many people care what their FAA controllers look like? If they can land my plane, I don’t care if they’re naked.

6. Speaking of fashion, more on Liz Claiborne, RIP. Yes, I bought and wore her clothing, although the last item that came from her line was given to me several years ago by my husband. It’s a lilac cotton cable crewneck sweater and I still wear it.

7. Frank Gruttadaria, the convicted stock bilker, I mean broker. I wrote about Judge Joan Synenberg’s connection to him – she was his lawyer, along with her husband, Roger.

8. Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle and Nasty Brutish and Short’s David have both discussed the topic of vehicular deaths. Here’s another one, involving a pedestrian 17 year old who is now dead and an 18 year old driver who allegedly broke a traffic law before striking the 17 year old.

9. Report on the consequences of dropping out of school. Powerful.

10. The Task Force on the Code of Judicial Conduct overhaul that I’ve mentioned has been appointed.

11. Red knickers at Wimbledon? What is the world coming to?

Sleep, I hope.

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