Internet gives author Andrew Keen the willies, MSM publisher helps spread his sillies

Read this New York Times book review, then decide if you want to read The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture.

In my opinion, on this blog that’s barely read by 200 people a day, and then, only by maybe 50 who follow it with any regularity (yup, I know exactly how small my audience is and it does’t keep me from writing, because I write for me, as I’ve said from the beginning), Andrew Keen’s book is incredibly been there, done that. This Publisher’s Weekly review details why and will sound old, old, old to anyone who has been using the Internet for more than six months.

And the fact that a major publisher (Doubleday) would publish Keen’s anxieties, long after most people are getting over them, just goes to show how the media loves to make money on spreading anxiety (mommy wars, how to raise the most intelligent child, etc.).

How about spreading good stuff once in a while, hm?

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