The Daily Bellwether & Bill Sloat: they're baaaaaack

Just got an email from dear Bill Sloat, former PD Cincy reporter and author of the blog, The Daily Bellwether (where you will find almost entirely original content, Joe Hallett).

Check out Bill’s first post, since 3/30/07, here. He addresses a very cutting edge, no pun intended, topic: “Is it rational to allow mentally ill citizens who are not on Death Row to execute themselves?”

Why is he discussing it? Because the Ohio Dept. of Mental Health is conducting a conference in August at which forensic psychiatrist, Phillip Resnick will speak on the topic (disclosure: I took a class from Resnick during law school).

Bill’s thoughts:

As a matter of politics alone, the state should not sponsor this discussion about self-inflicted euthanasia. It will play into the hands of the right, and be used to say that the Dems now holding power in Columbus are not pro-life — see, they favor abortion on demand and think psychiatric patients should kill themselves.

Read his post and the circular. What do you think?

Mental illness. Suicide. Two things I can’t write about just 20 mins. before Shabbat.

(thanks a lot Bill!!!) (j/k)

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