Broadband access bandwagon [updated]

The Plain Dealer’s editorial from today.

Left of Ohio flagging this MSM report.

Update: Bill Callahan on the PD’s editorial, plus other insight.

What, if any, impact does the passage of SB117 have on this need? (yes, Bill, I mean you)

2 thoughts on “Broadband access bandwagon [updated]

  1. Ok – so I’m being skipped over for UVerse but still have whatever AT&T offers that it got by buying sbcglobal. This is it, for me? Even though the UVerse thing is available all around me?

  2. If the experience in other states is any guide, some places that already have AT&T ADSL will get faster VDSL (U-Verse), and then places that have both AT&T U-Verse and digital cable will start seeing bigger-bandwidth competition. Elsewhere (in non-AT&T areas, AT&T areas not targeted for U-Verse, etc.) SB 117 will change nothing — except that some low-income places may be abandoned by their cable providers altogether. Oh, and communities will start losing their fiber I-nets and other franchise services.

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