CLE+ European-style car sticker sighting, or I'm so geeky I can't stand myself

That’s the phrase that came to mind when I thought about what I’m about to describe:

So – I wake up earlier than I like but I go out in my pjs to get the NYT in the driveway, feel the cool summer air that reminds me of Maine mornings, return inside, make french toast, feed kids, turn on the computer, write, order kids to dress, shower & dress myself, take one child to a math tutor, take the other to a playground, watch him literally knock himself out as he tries to best his time on a self-made obstacle course (he’s fine), go to the nearest library because he needs to go potty, pick up tutored child, do a fast food lunch (for them, I get the yogurt and granola), pick up a prescription (for which they tell me I owe nothing and I say, but it should be 30 dollars (a dollar a pill) and they say, oh, wait – there’s only five pills in there, come back Monday for the rest), pick up one child’s new glasses and then, on my way to meeting my kids in a toy store where we were going to a present for a child’s bday party, it happened:

A big, black SUV – Yukon or Suburban or something, I forget – driven by someone with whom I’m acquainted but haven’t seen in a long time, and someone who I’m pretty sure is an old time Clevelander with a good amount of $ who is very active in our school district – pulls into a parking space adjacent to me as I’m walking to the toy store.

She starts to get out of her car and I’m staring at her car’s back window and thinking, should I ask? should I ask??

So I ask: That CLE+ sticker – where did you get that?

She said, oh – we just put that on. I think someone brought it home from the game the other night.

Hmmm. Wow.

And I mention how I’d been following this conversation about signage and so on, online, and that this was the first sticker I’d seen. How nice.

Now – if I was a real citizen journalist, or a backpack journalist (which, I think, is a traditional journalist who is more like a citizen, as opposed to a citizen who is more like a journalist), I would have snapped a picture of that sticker on the car and maybe even the woman as well. I’m bummed now that I didn’t think to do that.

But the sticker had CLE+ in all caps in black on a white background in an oval sticker, with Youngstown, Akron, Canton and…hmm – would it be Toledo? underneath.

And you know what? Seriously?

(this is where the gleeful geek in me emerges)

I thought it looked really cool! I did! I do. Really. It looked good. And you know what? I’d much prefer to have a pseudo-European car sticker on my car that signifies Cleveland than a shee-shee poo-poo sticker from Europe that’s supposed to make me look like I’ve either been to or am from Europe.

Anyway – I don’t usually put stickers on my cars. But if I see one of these for picking up, I just might.

4 thoughts on “CLE+ European-style car sticker sighting, or I'm so geeky I can't stand myself

  1. Hi Sandy! Email me your address and I’ll send them along with the goodbye card I didn’t bring by when you had the open house (what’s the emoticon for embarrassed smile?).Also – if you are able to do better than me in terms of emailing the Landau PR folks, you might be able to get some to spread around too. As it is, they sent me a batch and in my thank you note, one of the things I said was, I wish I had as many cars as they sent stickers!Just send me your snailmail and I’ll pop them in for ya.Hope you guys are GREAT! (And I just heard another terribly sad story of someone leaving Case, really really upsetting)

  2. Hey, Jill, can you tell me how to get two of those? I can be the California poster child for Cleveland and environs…-Sandy

  3. I’m glad! And if you see one of those stickers on a vehicle, you’ll have to let us know what you thought. 🙂

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